Citizen-generated data (CGD) plays a crucial role in enhancing transparency and accountability in service delivery, especially in resource-constrained environments. By empowering citizens to report local service delivery failures, CGD offers ground-level insights that traditional, centralized data collection often overlooks. This empowers marginalised communities to voice their concerns and contributes to more inclusive and participatory governance models.


This project aims to leveraging the widespread use of WhatsApp to create a scalable and inclusive platform for citizens to report service delivery failures and thus providing information on potential service delivery interruption hotspots. The collected data will be analysed using AI to generate insights for improved service delivery and accountability. This concept creates a single platform to track potential service delivery hotspots and thus potential areas to intervene at scale. It complements current citizen-driven initiatives by creating an additional data source with which to cross-check existing sources. Additionally, this project makes possible a close to real-time analysis of potential service delivery interruption hotspots. All citizen-generated data will be submitted anonymously, ensuring there are no privacy issues associated with the data collection. The anonymity of the data also encourages more honest and open reporting from citizens, as they can report issues without fear of reprisal.