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  • AI can be democracy’s ally, but not if it works for Big Tech

    Kennedy School Adjunct Lecturer in Public Policy Bruce Schneier says artificial intelligence has the potential to transform the democratic process in ways that could be good, bad, and potentially mind-boggling.

  • Illustration showing the impact of Generative AI in the public sector

    Generative AI for the Public Sector: From Opportunities to Value

    The new tools of generative artificial intelligence (GenAI) are fundamentally changing the nature of knowledge work, creating promising opportunities to significantly increase productivity and spur innovation across entire economies.

  • Global trends in Artificial Intelligence regulation

    How to navigate global trends in Artificial Intelligence regulation

    AI’s potential to create positive human impact will depend on a responsible, human-centered approach that focuses on creating value for all.

  • 2023 Goalkeepers event brought together inspirational leaders from around the world

  • Latest Goalkeepers report highlights development progress and challenges